The Roman Way - a walker's guide following Roman roads

When reading The Roman Way please note the following updated information:

Page 31

Para 4 - Change reference to Polish WWII ‘servicemen and refugees who were billeted at Asthall Manor’ delete prisoners of war


Page 99
Accommodation East Garston Replace shop with community shop
Para 1 line 3 - Replace Oxford Road with Oxford Street
Para 2 line 4  - Replace Windmill House with Windmill Cottage

Page 108
Para 2 line 6 -  ‘its car park’ add ‘and community shop’

DAY 10
Page 109
Car Parking
Para 1 line 2 - 'village hall' add 'and community shop' car park

Page 110
Accommodation East Garston – add Community shop
Para 1 line1  - Turn right (E) out of the car park add away from the community shop to walk along Back Street. Delete past the village stores and Post Office

DAY 12
Page 130
Accommodation Silchester -  delete The Romans Country House Hotel as it was closed as at 2010

DAY 17
Page 201
Box – the nature reserve was created in 1997, not 1977